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Calzone El Forno

A type of pizza that is folded in half before cooking to contain a filling. All Calzones are offered with a side salad of your choice.


Verdura Calzone

Assorted fancy vegetables, mozzarella, sauce (Vegetarian)


Chicken Calzone

Grilled marinated chicken breast, fontina cheese, sauce

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Lamb Calzone

Marinated lamb, black olives, feta cheese, sauce


Italian Sausage Calzone

Homemade mild sausage, artichokes, mozzarella, sauce


Veal Calzone

Grilled milk-fed veal, mushrooms, sweet red peppers, mozzarella, sauce


Frutta Di Mare Calzone

Lobster, sea scallops, tiger shrimps, crab, mozzarella, sauce